"If you are here you have already taken a step towards transformation"

Challenge yourself to the truth of your higher Self



When we live in harmony with ourselves we are tuned to the melody of our Higher Self, the soul compass, leading the way. When we are out of tune, we get disoriented and lose our pace, the rhythm is gone, then the way.

What we need is the right question to put us back on track! I can help you find it within and ask it!

Tuning In

A song out of tune is not good medicine for the ear, we tend to shush those who sing poorly. In the long run, when it is our soul not resonating with our Higher Self we experience sadness, a sense of discontent, constant regret, even physical illness.

How do you know you are out of tune and what can you do to remedy that?

Making Music

A Road to  The  Music of  The  Self

“I can’t do it, “I must not”,
I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not good enough”
“I won’t succeed”, “I am too…”, “I am not”, “If only I could”.

Have you heard yourself utter any of these sentences? How many times have these beliefs moved your objective farther away from you, even caused you to postpone or abandon your deepest aspirations all together?

Have you considered why? And, most importantly, how to change it? As dissonant notes thrown together on a music sheet would never produce a melody worthy of being played or sung, these notions of self defeat can snuff the creative energy out of you. And they do. Why do you have them? And how do you let go of them?   

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