Depending on the nature of the task at hand, our work together may take between eight weeks and six months of weekly sessions. Sometimes longer.

There is a first 30 minutes free consultation in which I explain my work methods and we get a feel for each other.  You then receive the first two 90-120 minutes sessions for $150.

Each following session lasts approximately 60 minutes and is $90 dollars.

If you are an existing client and you send a referral to me I will offer you another two sessions for $150.  I also offer packages of $75  60 minutes sessions, payable in advance:

One Moon: $300

Four weekly 60 min sessions


Two Moons: $600

Nine weekly sessions 60 min sessions (one is free)

(short notice coaching and as needed work additional)


Six Moons: $1850

Twenty six weekly 60 min sessions (two are free)

Six Moons includes short notice coaching and as needed work. It is payable in 3 installments.


Twelve Moons (fifty-five 60 min sessions- three are free): price to be discussed

Groups or Family Moons: price to be discussed

Write me at theresonantself@gmail.com or call me at 917-691-3118 to make an appointment.

Sessions are available also via skype at coachtippy

Visit me at www.facebook.com/theresonantself

Take a step towards your dream life. Let yourself begin.

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