Making Music

A Road to  The  Music of  The  Self

“I can’t do it, “I must not”,
I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not good enough”
“I won’t succeed”, “I am too…”, “I am not”, “If only I could”.

Have you heard yourself utter any of these sentences? How many times have these beliefs moved your objective farther away from you, even caused you to postpone or abandon your deepest aspirations all together?

Have you considered why? And, most importantly, how to change it? As dissonant notes thrown together on a music sheet would never produce a melody worthy of being played or sung, these notions of self defeat can snuff the creative energy out of you. And they do. Why do you have them? And how do you let go of them?   

You might have a built-in representation of your own reality that reflects not who you are but rather your deepest fears, your false beliefs about yourself, and other people’s expectations of who you are supposed to be. These distortions can hold you back and blur your vision as well as the target you are aiming for.

As a Transformational Life Coach it is my job to work with you to identify your limiting beliefs and fixed emotional responses, that hinder yourself from reaching from what you say you want. We will break through those limitations and replace them with empowering actions.

I will help you clarify your desired goals and define with you a plan that is sound and reasonable, based upon the commitment you are willing to make to yourself and to the project at hand.

Achieve the desired objective by designing goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant.
And move from a place of wanting to a place of being in full awareness, creating a lasting sustainable change to ensure continued success that extends far beyond the completion of our work together.

I use different tools and methods in my work as a Transformational Life Coach.  TRANSPERSONAL HEALING is my work model at large, aiming at recognizing and accepting that so as the human process of knowing goes beyond the experiential, the understanding of identity extends beyond the self and the personal.

In our work together, therefore, I integrate all that goes behind and beyond, as needed, to reach for results, meeting you in the middle and going at your pace:

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a useful tool in helping you change your representation of reality and substitute your learned negative responses with positive ones;

ARCHETYPAL PSYCHOLOGY, of Jungian tradition, to understand your place in the past and in the present, the role you played and play in your relationships at large and help you create a narrative of your life that goes beyond “your story” to free you from its constraints and empower you in the continuous making of your life;

MEDICINE STORYTELLING and/or STORY WRITING, which allows you to discover the deeper meaning of your past actions beyond the immediate cause and effect reductive pattern and teaches you how to “change the past” for a more suitable future.

THETA HEALING, an energy healing modality performed in a state of theta (a brainwave frequency reached usually in deep relaxation and hypnosis) useful in removing hindering beliefs, clearing emotional blocks, resolving old traumas, manifesting abundance and success, and healing physical and emotional diseases (see

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