Tuning In

A song out of tune is not good medicine for the ear, we tend to shush those who sing poorly. In the long run, when it is our soul not resonating with our Higher Self we experience sadness, a sense of discontent, constant regret, even physical illness.

How do you know you are out of tune and what can you do to remedy that?

You withhold your discontent or needs in relationships.

You procrastinate doing what would makes you happy, whatever might that be.

You are overwhelmed by your current situation but  you postpone making changes. You are stuck!

You are afraid of the future, regret the past, just bear the present.

Or maybe:

Sometimes it’s not about being out of tunes. You might have your forking tune and are just ready to start singing a most beautiful song of your own creation, but only need assistance tuning the accompanying instrument.

You may be on the threshold of a new commitment and may just need support to realize it.

Perhaps you are searching for right actions to take around completing your past, unleashing your creativity or developing a deeper relationship with your spirituality.

Maybe you are ready to transform outmoded habits, unhealthy relationships or emotions that don’t serve your higher being.

Or you are just about to break ground, set another course, create anew.  


Working together we can:

  • Craft the wings you need to forge for your flight,

  • Remove the roadblock along the way of your path,

  • Cure the malady that has taken a temporary hold of your heart,

  • Ultimately tune the strings back to where your Self will resonate with you.

    I will support you while you

    Create, Launch, Expand and become Yourself in full consciousness, happy to be.

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